Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happiness is.. Being Special!

This week’s WOW’s prompt kind of tinkled something inside me. Something had been on my mind over a period of time and after reading the it, I realized, this was it.. this was what I wanted.. And nothing can be better than a self-appraisal therapy and writing it all out is like a cherry on the cake!
All of us have our families, friends, a social circle, a few nosy relatives, and our all time favourite cousins. Amongst them, we spend most of our time with the ones we’re close. We want to do everything for them, we want to give them all the happiness in the world, we want to mollycoddle them like no other, and have the best intentions for them. And like I said, we are social animals, we need to keep ourselves in contact with someone or the other, online or offline doesn’t matter.

By doing all of this, sometimes, inadvertently, we hurt the ones we love the most, may be by being close with someone else, our friends or spouse may not like.. but hey, we’re free, right? It’s a free country for that matter, and we can bond with anyone we like.. who knows what magic the other may do to us?!

And while we enjoy the power of magic on us, our better-half or friend is already half-burnt, envying the new duo we’ve formed.. and that’s sometimes sad, isn’t it?
But hey, I think I’m deviated from the topic. What makes me so special? Or what is it in me that defines me and makes me unique? I think it wants me to do some thinking..

I am special because, there is no other Geet- the rhythm of love. Because what I do for people I love, can’t be explained.. Their happiness, a simple smile on their face means the world to me and to do that, I don’t mind crossing the borders, breaking the boundaries, going beyond my potential and do things that even I am not aware of! It helps me unleash this potent power of love that makes me do things beyond horizons. People sometimes label the fact that I love drama, and it may be drama for them, but not for me! For doing things extra-ordinarily, I don’t mind doing this drama.

Be it spending sleepless nights, to complete my first ever website for my sister as her birthday gift, or to make a giant scrapbook for my parents, collating all their memories together, saving ounce of money only to make their day special, making a documentary for them overnight, or getting specially up in the morning at 6 for writing a poem for my MIL and FIL, coz something had come up and it had to be given by 8. Opening my half sleepy eyes, and succumbing my thoughts to co-ordinate with my brain, decorating the floor for them, coz I’ll be gone all day and so I want their mornings to be perfect, or decorating the room for my love to make our Valentines special and baking a cake for him (well yeah, I’m not much of a baker or a cooking person, so it means a lot), or filling pages in the card for my friends because I know it means the world to them, or paying a surprise visit to my parents’ just to see that spark in their eyes, and thanking my teachers with gratitude for what they have done for me and always keeping them in my prayers.

Below is the documentary I gifted them on their 25th Anniversary
I am special because I learn from everyone around me, regardless of their age. It is all about the good qualities and the state of art that I can always seek and encourage the same. I always look for the best in people and focus on their good sans considering any bad. I feel everybody around us has the capacity to teach us something good and that is what I really look forward to! Positivity is the key here.

I am special because I am extremely understanding. Sometimes, people do play with this, but mostly this quality has always helped me maintain good long term relations. I feel everybody have a choice for doing things they like, and it’s their life after all, and understanding plays a huge role. Being empathetic and a compassionate human being has always helped me earn respect.

I am special because I am a total mess and a masque as well. I can talk non-stop without causing a headache and make people laugh out loud. I am a very happy go lucky person, and encourage humour around me. You see, I’ve got the gift of gab.. and I promise, you will never get bored in my company.
Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, I totally go nuts over it..! All I aim is to make that person feel on the top of the world, that they are very special to us, that they have done so much for us, that had they been not there, God knows how I would Me? For all of them have their roles in shaping me as a 

I have always been on the good adjusting side, bringing ease with which work can be done, for only that matters to me.

And the infectious energy that I have automatically sets the aura around high! Full of zeal, full of life.. and boy! My swag and the heart of gold that I possess, it drives people crazy for me.

Because I can’t see my folk’s face gloomy, and I do everything to cheer them up and brighten their luminous smiles!  

My modesty and this thing in to me stay grounded has always maintained my spirits high. You see, staying on the ground and aiming for the sky! I appreciate simplicity and believe in generosity!

I think that enough of me. How about you? What makes you special? What is the best thing that you love the most about yourself? I am listening..

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Day 8 of NoMo
Happy Reading


4 Discussion

  1. Doing a post like this is a great idea! We're too hard on ourselves so much of the time, so it's good to stop and focus on what makes us special. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Laurel. Your comment brought a smile on my face :)


  2. YEs I do beleive Each one of us is Special.. 100%



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