Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Waiting Room

Waiting.. most of us don’t really like to wait, until and unless someone is drowned in love and enjoys waiting for their partner and day dream everything in that duration. I personally, do not like to wait at all and I also take care of the fact, that none should wait coz of me at the same time. If it’s about reaching somewhere on a particular time, be it an appointment with a doctor, or an appointment at a salon, or the timing of my class, or when it comes to boarding of flights, etc, I am there within time. At the extreme, I’ll be late by 5 minutes, but not more than that. And thus, I really end up with a tiff with people, coz of whom I get late. It literally gets on my nerves, if I have to pick up somebody and then they’re not ready. I just hate this fact. Punctuality is in my blood, and I got this from my father.
So once I had to go to this service centre to get my laptop repaired, and obviously, I had to wait for a long time, first, to recite the problem with the thing and then to wait till they give it back. So technically, I was doing nothing. There were no more messages on my phone to check and reply back, no news feed from Facebook to kill my time. And thus, I ended up writing on my phone and express the current situation of my mind then. 

It was that time when I was all by myself. Nobody to disturb, which gave me the liberty to ponder over certain things which have been there on my mind from quite a long time. The New Year had just begun and it was that time of the year when I wasn't working. Obviously, I was frustrated most of the times with my surroundings as well as myself. Negative thoughts had taken a toll on my confidence. The only that I use to do was make an excuse for everything, from situations, problems, solutions, everything. It was then, in that Waiting Room, something struck within me. I had made goals for the year earlier, but wasn't on the track of executing them. It was all going in slow motion, without any anxiety of fulfilling them, being careless rather than carefree, and letting go of things without doing any thinking. So it was kinda wake up call for me then, making me realize how I am letting Time rule over my life and wasting it at the same time. Not utilizing it productively. 
I was lost. From my path. And deep inside, a voice was warning me. And I realized, I can’t let this happen to me. I can’t afford to lose myself. I don’t belong to that category of people who blame ‘others’ or 'circumstances' for their failure and decided to take charge of everything. Whatever was flowing in my mind was written in my phone then and is now here on my blog.
It was that Waiting room, where I got the alone time with myself and found the New me who was hidden inside. It was that moment which though put on a halt that time, but eventually brought everything on track. And it is since then, I have been regular with my goals, my blog, and the commitments that I have towards my own self.
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What’s your story? Has it ever happened with you when you discovered yourself again while waiting for something or someone? Would love to hear your experiences.

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5 Discussion

  1. Good to know that Geetika.. glad things are all set again :) I love to be punctual too but it so happens i am among ppl.. who u see rushing at last moment..sth comes up and I am, let's say, never on time ;D Best Wishes!

    1. I thing that happens with almost all of us..
      Hope you will be on time later sometime..


  2. I am sure that we all ave such moments... These days we all are so busy that we dont really spend time with ourselves.. Glad that the waiting room forced you to see yourself and be with yourself!

    1. Yeah.. that waiting room came as a delight to me..!


  3. Lack of punctuality always irks me and it reflects on the person being unusually late. Very well written:)


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