Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My First Award- The Versatile Blogger Award

Hoping from one blog to another, and then another and then another.. Writing for your blog and then explore what’s going on, on blogosphere.. Seeing people winning awards, was more like a fantasy to me. But checking my inbox this time wasn’t the way it usually is. Rashmi from Whispers of Hope has been kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger award. It’s my first award and I feel incredible at the moment. I lately realized how important it is for me to write and what I want to do with it further. It is all for this blogosphere that gave wings of hope for me to fly. Writing and connecting, that is what we are here for? And that’s how life is.

Another milestone in the world of blogging.. and as we say, the best is yet to come..

This is a special moment, knowing that someone out there is reading your work and appreciating it. A big thanks and much love to you Rashmi :*

The Rules:
  • Display it on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you- Thank you so very much Rashmi
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers
So let’s start with the activity:

7 Facts about Me
  • I like to do multiple things at the same time. Try my hands on several stuff and then pick up the best. There is always.. mind it ALWAYS, a guilt in me for not doing enough for myself, for my career, for anything that’s worth doing. I keep feeling that I’m constantly missing something, when I’m relaxing or sitting idle or any other activity.. it eats me up!
  • I believe in companionship in any relationship. For two individuals to be one soul, it’s important to be best friends with each other. For only then you will be able to know the in and out of your partner.
  •  I don’t judge people easily. I never pass comments in my head when I see someone really odd. And I hate it when people comment on other’s weight, or body or hair or skin or height or appearance. For we all say we shouldn’t judge, but we all do. I think we all are wired that way, but what we can do is avoid all the crappy thoughts coming in our head
  • I have kept myself all wide awake for 72 hours non-stop. Without a single nap or power nap or whatsoever!
  • I randomly compliment random people. But I compliment only the ones, who I think deserve it and seem down to earth and the smile that I get in return from them, makes my day.
  • I am unnecessarily friendly to almost everyone I meet. I think it’s inspired by the western culture, where I see everyone smiling at each other for no good reason and I like that thing.
  • It affects me like hell, when I find out the truth that people talk behind my back. I feel, if you don’t like anyone, why sing words of praises endlessly. I wonder, how is one able to do that in the first place! And it makes me so mad, that I’m no longer able to control my emotions. I know, it’s wrong, but I think I’ll learn it eventually

Nominating these awesome bloggers for the award:
  1. CookieCrumbs
  2. AmritSinha
  3. Ankita
  4. Locomente
  5. ParmitaDubey
  6. Redhanded
  7. Saru Singhal
  8. Cestlaviebaby

 P.S.: Bloggers who I read regularly, have already been nominated, which is the reason why their names are not there :P

Happy Blogging


20 Discussion

  1. Hi Geets

    Nice to know more about you! I agree on many points :)

    Thanks a ton for nominating me, I'll do the tag tomm :D

    1. Hi Ankita,
      Glad to know you and me think alike :)

      The pleasure is all mine :)


  2. 72 hours, that's amazing. I love sleeping and I can never do that. As far as doing multiple, I am like you. I need to have many things in my kitty. It's great to know more about you, Geetika. And thank you so much for nominating me. Truly humbled!

    1. Thank you so much Saru. And its all about urgency of time that makes you do crazy things.
      It's a pleasure to be in touch with you :)


    2. was it at the time of your wedding?

    3. Nope.. It was during my exams.. Class 12.. back to back exams.. didn't sleep only.. :P

  3. Awww....thanks sweetheart....thats too kind of you. Its 8:41 in the morning and now im gonna have a great day! Love u :-)

    1. Hehe.. That feels really good, to know me being the reason for your good day. You truly deserve it :)


  4. Thanks a lot Geetika. I am really happy and delighted to see my name. And congrats for you too - a well deserved one! I shall post on my blog soon... Thanks again :D

    1. Thank you so much Loco.. You're very kind :)
      Waiting to see your post..


    2. Here goes my post...

      Thanks again! :)

  5. done-

  6. Congratulations for the Versatile Blogger award!! Keep writing!!!

  7. Congratulations and thank you for this award Geetika. ✿✿✿

  8. Congrats and thanks for nominating me :-)


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