Thursday, 5 February 2015

Humans.. Hahh.. Chameleons are Better!

A chameleon seems better than humans.. yeah.. that's true.. at least you know when it's gonna change its colour.. but humans.. God.. no one can predict anything about anyone. I've seen people licking other's asses just to get attention and increase the friends in terms of just numbers.. 
I've seen people being desperate to be friends without caring for whom they're trying.. It’s just that they try so hard.. obviously you will get attention from a few losers and then.. tada.. you're BFFs now..!! Weird, I term it ! Then there are the ones who hate each other yet stay glued with each other coz of the fear of getting all alone! Well, what's the point of creating all this drama.. when you're good and genuine, you will never find any barriers making friends (if you actually want true ones *conditions apply*). 
Well, did I tell you about the one's who use to bitch like crazy about other's and found them good for no reason.. nothing at all.. neither for family nor for friendship.. neither for work nor for social gatherings.. actually become best of friends in the world (friendships these days, have become a forced affair for some). Change of colours.. faster than chameleon.. it sucks.. and makes my eyes hard to believe all of it. I mean how can someone change this quick.. don't they feel shameless.. forget about other's perspective.. it makes you feel shameless in your own eyes.. what kind of person you must be then.. what kind of principles you have.. or may be you don't have any.. and what values are you brought up with.. leaves me literally flabbergasted! 

There are few who sing the song of being your best friend. Public Declaration kinds. And just when you start to believe it all.. Husshhh.. You have all the reality in front of you. They tend to be the ones who bitch about you the most, or make fun of you the most..! what annoys me is the fact, that if you hate someone to this extent then stop being friends and part your ways. Simple. Why to create a drama and make this public declaration. Nasty world.. full of nasty people!
I literally laugh at the ones who have all the brains in this world, but fail to use while listening about others. Everyone does indulge in gossips. That’s something you can’t avoid. But forming your own opinion based on them? judging a person completely on the basis of what you've heard about them, without even meeting them once? On one end you make every possible effort to be nice and sweet and friendly and on the other end you cut off every possible contact, behave as if nothing has happened! hats off man.. to this ability of both the parties. And then you call yourself innocent.. I just have just one label for them.. SO-CALLED HUMANS!!!

Such existence makes life fun and entertaining. I wonder how does it all happen? I am not at all capable of it.. and I really Thank God for not making me one of those!

Last, but not the least.. there are people, who knows when to change their colours.. they act so poor and sad in front of the whole world.. they might shed a tear too.. just to seem pitiful and gain sympathy.. and the moment no one is around they come  out in their actual tones.. such people should be kept in museums I feel.. sometimes I wonder.. why on earth I dun have that art.. so that even I could shed a tear or two.. or just be pretentious to any extent.. people do have this gift.. specially girls.. and the worst part is.. they seem to have everything.. good, loving, faithful, caring mates around.. who actually buy everything that is faked in front of them.. and these people are so shallow.. negativity makes an indelible mark not only in their minds but are a part of their souls for all seven births.. gosshh!! 
That's too much if you ask me.. the best part with me is none of my lovely friends are like this.. otherwise we would never have been friends.. its all heights of hypocrisy.. This is one thing on earth that instantly pisses me off.. I just can't take it.. be it from anyone.. anyone means anyone!

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